Wildmosers Restaurant - Cafe am Marienplatz

The restaurant-cafe is located on one of the most beautiful and lively squares in Munich: Marienplatz. Also known as the former “Zum Ewigen Licht”, where the former butcher Joseph Moser is said to have invented the famous Munich veal sausage in 1857.
After being closed for some time, Wildmosers Restaurant-Cafe on Marienplatz will finally reopen in summer 2017. The birthplace of the Weißwurst will be a delight and a culinary treat for visitors and locals alike with a fine Munich menu.

We wish our guests a pleasant stop at Wildmosers Restaurant-Cafe on Marienplatz in a historic location and a good appetite!

Mariensäule und Frauenkirche am Marienplatz
Weisswurst essen in München

In our Gallery you can admire both current and historical pictures of the café and Marienplatz.

Marienplatz - im Herzen Münchens

Wildmosers Restaurant-Cafe on Marienplatz is located on one of Munich's most beautiful squares.

Die Geburtsstätte der Weißwurst

The restaurant-cafe is the former restaurant “Zum Ewigen Licht” - the birthplace of the Weisswurst.

Geschichte vom Restaurant-Cafe am Marienplatz

The building in which the restaurant-cafe is located has existed since the 16th century.

Das Münchner Rathaus am Marienplatz

Here you can contact us and see exactly where you can find us.

Restaurant Steinsee bei München

A visit to the Pizzarei am Dom near Marienplatz is highly recommended.

360° degree view of Wildmosers Restaurant-Cafe at Marienplatz:

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