Wildmosers Restaurant-Cafe at Marienplatz

The Restaurant-Cafe is located at one of the most beautiful and liveliest places in Munich: the Marienplatz. It was former known as the restaurant „Zum Ewigen Licht“, where the landlord at that time – Joseph Moser – discovered the now well known recipe for „Weißwürste“ (white sausages) in the year 1857.
The Wildmoser Restaurant-Cafe at Marienplatz has been closed for quite a while now, but in summer 2017 there will be a new opening. The birthplace of the „Weißwurst“ will be a true culinary delight for visitors and locals with its fine Munich menu.

We wish our guests a great time and we are hoping you enjoy your meal at this historic and impressing place!

Speisekarte Wildmosers Restaurant-Cafe am Marienplatz

In our gallery you can find a lot of great pictures of modern and historic Marienplatz.

Marienplatz - im Herzen Münchens

The Wildmosers Restaurant-Cafe is located at one of the most beautiful places in Munich.

Die Geburtsstätte der Weißwurst

The Restaurant-Cafe is the former restaurant „Zum Ewigen Licht“ – birthplace of the „Weißwurst“ (white sausage).

Geschichte vom Restaurant-Cafe am Marienplatz

The building of the Restaurant-Cafe exists since the 16th century.

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